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Name:  Sumra Jitendra V.
Class: M.A. [English]
Semester: 03
Roll No. : 16
Year: 2012-13
Paper No. : 102
Paper Name: The Neo- Classical Literature

A Critique on Gulliver’s Travels 

Gulliver’s travels is all about Lemuel Gulliver’s various adventures in several unknown lands from where he comes out as complete common human being. These prime four lands like Lilliput, Brobdingnag, Laputa and houyhnhnmsin which swift has enunciated various human weakness and pride of the people, praised rational animals like horses and made a mordant irony yahoos. He has indicated almost all bad habits of the people.

Norman a Jeffers has written about Gulliver’s Travels

It is at once a delightful, fantastic story of adventures for children, a political satire, and a serious satire on human nature, on contemporary politics social institutions and on the manners and the morals’ of the age.

The book is written in travelogue. The narrator Gulliver himself becomes at reporter messenger and inter-mediator like person between readers and the book itself.

Our main concern about this novel is that gullivers travels are basically a satire on contemporary ssbasically a satire on contemporary leaders.

By this book Jonathan swift, the voyage to laputa and lagado is an allegorical satire directed mainly against philosophical and scientific pedantry.

He critic in initial voyage, like in brooding, giant people, in that voyage he critics that they all animals like human being old temple.

          Lilliput is also full of so many satires and ironies, characterization of the emperor of the land, flimnap the treasurer, queen are suitable paragms swift makes satire on intrigues and schemes against other political parties, human pride and pretension, evils of taboos in Lilliput are main target of satire.

The very interesting matter about the conflict between bi-ending and little ending high-heels and low-heels denotes the collision between two major parties in England. The quarrels twixt the Roman Catholic Church and the protestant Gulliver reduces the mistress of the emperor by extinguishing a fire in her apartment indicates queen ann.’s annoyance with swift for having written a tale of a tub. First two lands in which bidgets and giants are living, suggest that there are the people who are so much narrow-minded as well as frankly that always lead him towards great annihilation. Their lifestyle way of speaking, cloths. Daily affairs and so many others things are deeply allegorized. Even he also ironically remarked of all most all professionals and second class work like bagging, farming, etc. according to upper class people

Each and every place, things costumes, communication, expressions and feelings of four voyages are very much satiric. We find that swift might taken out from real life and put them in his novel.

          One can say that Gulliver’s travel is not simple one out a very lampoon satire on boasted people and pungent satire on hypocrite, is conveyed by Gulliver he is mouthpiece of the novelist the readers feel that Gulliver himself is swift himself who shoots the words towards the people of all four and secondary voyages of the world by making than ridiculous and trivial for example the hideous behavior of yahoos, their sudden attack on Gulliver, their style of eating animal flesh shows that swift is totally again of human nature that indicates he is a misanthropist.

          The sycophancy of the politicians in their efforts to win king side by the king of Lilliput is more pin pointed.

The academy of projectors in lagado is a satire on the kind of useless word which was being done by the royal society in those days. The human longing for immortality is ironically represented.

Such a great satirical remark on Gulliver’s shows that swift himself ironically demerits England have also little in their ideas, thought and ambition.

To satirize and criticize whole human society swift has made people somewhere six inches of height, somewhere like gigantic figures, somewhere more moral and benevolent people and at last in forth voyage more lecherous and treacherous mentality of yahoos.

Swift wrote Gulliver’s travel’s at a time when Europe was the world’s dominant power, and when England despite its small size, was rising in power on the basis of its formidable fleet. England’s growing military and economic power brought it into contact with a wide variety of new animal’s plants, places, and things but the most significant change wrought by European expansion was the encounter with previously unknown people like the inhabitants of the Americas with radically different modes of existence.

Swift plays with language in a way that aging poles fun of humanity’s belief in its own importance when the Lilliputians draw up an inventory of Gulliver’s obsessions. The whole endeavor is treated as it was a serious matter of state. The contrast triviality of the possessions that are being inventories. Serves as a mockery of people who take themselves too seriously, similarly to articles that Gulliver’s is forced to sign in offer to gain his freedom are couched in formal.

          Swift implies that the difference between protestants and Catholics, between Whigs and Tories and between France and England are as silly and Meaningless as how a person chooses to  crack an e.g. Once we make this connection, though, we face the question of why swift things that these conflicts are trivial and irrelevant after all politics, religion, and national identity would have vein considered the most important issues in swifts time and we continue to think of these things as important today. The answer to this questing is less obvious and the next does not give us simple expansion similar we may conclude these is no right or wrong way to worship god at least there is no way to prove that own way to prove that one way is right and another way is wrong.

          Swift makes a mockery of formal language by showing has it can be used to mask simple fears and desires such as the Lilliputians desired to eliminate the threat that Gulliver poses. The help that Gulliver gets from reldreasal is an illustration of a persisted motif in Gulliver’s travels the good person surrounded by a corrupt society.

          Swift makes a mockery of those who would try to demonstrate their exercise through convoluted language, attacks like this one, which are repeated elsewhere in the novel are part of swifts larger mission to criticize the validity of various are more shows than helpful, whether legal, naval, or as in the this voyage, scientific.

                   At the time that swift was writing Gulliver’s travels. However, technology that could accentuate these imperfect senses was burgeoning and Gulliver’s microscopic view of flies and flesh may be a reference to the relatively recent discovery of the microscope, the late seventeen century saw the first publication of books counting magnified images illustrating that various items, fleas, hair, skiing contained details and flaws that had previously been hidden Gulliver lives this microscopic experience directly, in a magnified world everything takes on new levels of complexity and imperfection, demonstrating that the truth about objections is heavily influenced by the observer’s perspective.

          Swift continues to satirize specialized language in his description of the technique used to move the island from one place to another. The method of assigning letters to parts of a mechanism and them describing the movement of these parts from one point to another resembles the mechanistic philosophical and scientific description of swift’s time. 

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