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The Negro and the language

Assignment- E-C 305 Post-colonial literature
Topic- the Negro and the language
Name- Sumra Jitendra V.
SEM - 1
Batch- 2011-12

Submitted to,
Dr.Dilip barad,
Bhavnagar University,

Black skin and white mask
Frantz Fanon was born in Martinique in 1925 and went to school there first, before moving to metropolitan France to continue his education during the second world war, He served in the free French Army, which took him for the first time to North Africa after the war, he studied medicine any psychiatry at the university of Lyons, completing his training in 1951. Two years later he was appointed to run the psychiatry department of hospital in Algeria; and he soon joined the Algerian liberation movement, the national Liberation front, contributing to its underground newspaper. In 1961, he was appointed ambassador to Ghana by the Algerian provisional government but he died of Leukemia that year.
The Black man/Negro and language:
Language essential for providing us with one element in understanding the black man’s dimension of being for others, it being understood that to speak is to exist absolutely for the other.
The Negro possesses 1250 dimension   one with his fellow Blacks, the other with the whites. A Black man behaves differently with a white man than he does with another black man. The problem we shall tackle in this chapter is as follows the more the black Antillean assimilates the French language, the whiter he gets. Ex. the closer he comes to becoming a true human being. We are fully aware that this is one of mans attitudes faced with being. A man who possesses a language possesses as an indirect consequence the world expressed and implied by this language.
There is the town, the country, the capital. There are the inhabitants of Lyon in Paris. He will boast of how clam his city is, how bewitchingly beautiful or the banks of the Rhone.
The Negro man who has been to the metro pole is a demigod. On this subject shall indicate a fact that must have struck my fellow islands. The Negro man meets a friend or colleague, gone is the expansive bear hugs instead our ‘future’ candidate bows directly. The black man Antillean, prisoner on his islands, lost an atmosphere without the slightest prospect.
The black  man entering France changes because for him the  metro pole is the holy of  holies; he changes not only because that’s where his doctors, his departmental superiors and innumerable little potentates come from, the staff  sergeant “ fifteen years on the job” to be gendarme from patisseries. There is a kind of spell cast from afar, and the black man who leaves in one week for the metro pole creates an aura of magic around him where the words Paris.
The African today that the feeling of inferiority by blacks is especially evident in the educated black man who is constantly trying to overcome it. We would like to try to show why the black man posits himself in such a characteristic way with regard to European languages.
The black man likes to palaver and it is only a short step to a new theory that the black man is just a child. Psychoanalysis has a field day and the word “morality” is soon pronounced here we are interested in the black man confronted by the French language.
   There is nothing comparable in the French Antilles; the official language is French elementary school teachers keep a close eye on their pupils to make sure they are not speaking Creole. When an Antillean with a degree in philosophy says he is not sitting for the aggression because of his color, my response is that the black man is as intelligent as any white man, my response is that neither did intelligence save anybody, for if equally among men is proclaimed in the name of intelligence and philosophy, it is also true that these concepts have been used to justify the extermination of man.
We have said that the black man was the missing link between the ape and man the white man of course and only on page 108 of his book does sir Alan Burns come to the conclusion, “we are unable to except as scientifically proven the theory that the black man is inherently inferior to the white or that he comes from a different stock” let us add it would be easy to prove the absurdity of such statements as“ The Bible says that the black and white races shall be separated in heaven as they are on earth and the native admitted to the kingdom of heaven will find themselves separated to certain of our fathers mansions in the new Testament ” or else. We are the chosen people look at the color of our skin; others are black or yellow because of their sins.
It would be easy to prove and have acknowledged that the black man is equal to the white man but that is not our purpose what we are striving for is to liberate the black man from the arsenal of complexes that germinated in a colonial situation.
There are whites who interact sanely with blacks; those are precisely the cases that will not be taken into account. It’s not because my patients liver is functioning normally that his kindly are healthy.
Speaking to black people in this way is an attempt to reach down to them, to make them feel at ease to make oneself understood and reassure them consulting physicians know this, twenty European patients comes and go; please have a seat now what’s the trouble ? What can I do for you today?
In comes a black man or an Arab! Sit down, old fellow. Not feeling well? Where is hurting? When its not! If the person who speaks to a man of color or an Arab in pidgin does not see that there is a flaw or a defect in his behavior, then he has never paused to reflect.
They have a clear conscience when the answer comes back along the same lines “you see, I told you so. That’s how they are, if the opposite case, you need to retract your pseudopodia and behave like a man. The entire foundation collapses. A black man who says! “I object, sir, to you, calling me, my old fellow” now there’s something new.
“There is nothing comparable when it comes to the black man. He has no culture, no civilization, and no long historical past”.
The black man has to wear the livery the white man has fabricated for him. Look at children’s comic books all the blacks are mouthing the ritual, yes, boss. In films the situation is even more actuate.
In France, where go million citizens are colored. Anyone would dub the same idiocies from America. The black man has to be portrayed in a certain way, and the same stereotype can be found from the black man in same pitied. To speak a language is to appropriate its world and culture. The Antillean who wants to be white will succeed, since he will have adopted the cultural tool of language.
If should be understood that historically the black men wants to speak French since ,if is the key to open doors which only fifty years ago still remained closed to him.  

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